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Newsletter #63 -- October 23, 2014
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Before our honeymoon my husband and I didn't know from experience about sex, so for us to read about it was really important. We just wanted to make sure that we knew what to expect. I had never heard of the "good girl syndrome" until reading your book, but now I can see how that is a very real thing. Before getting married I always thought I would never have problems or concerns about sex, but after getting married I experienced shyness and insecurities that I never thought I would have...Click here for the rest of the story


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We're excited to gather and share happy honeymoon stories like the one above, as well as honeymoon horror stories. We hope to provide some important information to better prepare couples for a positive and fulfilling honeymoon experience, and a better beginning to their sexual relationship. 


 Those who send in the first 10 honeymoon stories will receive a free copy of our  Love 101: Learning to Love More Meaningfully CD and a $25 off coupon to The Anniversary Inn for any suite, any night! So, act fast to get these great gifts!


Whether your honeymoon was happy, or kind of horrible, we'd love to hear what you learned and what you recommend others do or not do in order to have a great sexual start in their marriage.


Send Us Your Story

Simply email your story to us with "Honeymoon Story" on the subject line and your real name and address somewhere in the email, so we can mail you your CD and gift certificate. Please keep them brief and anonymous (change names or identifying info). We especially hope you will share at least a few things you did well in anticipation of your honeymoon, and/or a few things you'd recommend for couples to be better prepared. The stories will be posted here on our website.


Click Here - for all Honeymoon Stories and Resources!  

Perfectly Imperfect -- Marriage Meme 

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-- to check out all Marriage Memes 


As I started reading your book And They Were Not Ashamed, I quickly became aware that our sex life was not satisfying me. As I read your description of a female orgasm, I thought, that's not what happens to me! I had been aroused before, but I didn't realize I could have a reaction like my husband had. I engaged in sex for him, not for me. I didn't realize how patient we needed to be with clitoral stimulation until I read your book... Click here for the rest of the story!

Other Sexual Success Stories:
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Can sex be a spiritual experience? More often than not, spiritual practices are kept separate from our sexual life. Even when sex is acknowledged as a very good gift from God to be enjoyed in marriage, rarely is sex also seen as a spiritual experience. We may be able to accept that God approves of sex, but, for most of us, being deeply conscious of God during sex seems rather foreign. 


We encourage you to participate in this research study conducted by a fellow student of the Institute for Sexual Wholeness (ISW).

Click here-- to learn more and to take the survey.

Last summer we shared a research study on the sex lives of married couples sponsored by Utah Valley University (UVU). Part of the survey was based on the Good Girl Syndrome from Chapter 1 of our book And They Were Not Ashamed-Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment.

Newlywed participants are still needed for this study, so if you have been married less than five years and can talk your spouse into possibly taking it as well then CLICK HERE!

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