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Newsletter #52 -- May 1, 2013
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MM #001 A Gift from God -- Marriage Messages

You may have seen those great little Mormon Messages videos, which got me thinking that what we also need is..."Marriage Messages" videos. So, here is the first of many Marriage Message video clips from me...Laura Brotherson! Hope you enjoy them!

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New Website!!! --
New Website --

It was 10 years ago on April 6, 2003 that our website was born! I can't tell you how super duper excited I am to let you know we are finally getting a website makeover to get us up to speed with the 21st century! We hope the website will be ready for you sometime soon!

We're excited to get everything together under one roof, so that you'll find it even easier to utilize our many resources below for strengthening your marriage:

Until then...we hope you'll continue to find hope and help on our current website to make your marriage even better!  


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Couples' Valentine's Cruise -- Feb 2014

4 couples cruise pictures

"The cruise was fantastic!!! I only wish next February was already here. This had to be the most fun vacation I have ever had. It felt like I was out on a really fun date for seven nights in a row. I loved the seminars, the entertainment, the food, excursions, friends,
clean rooms, everything was so excellent!!!!!!!!"


The Cruise is Filling Fast! Hope You Can Join Us!
Join us for a fabulously fun cruise to the beautiful Caribbean Islands! Cabins start at just $599 (plus taxes) per person. This Couples' Cruise price includes the cruise, meals (24/7 food!), fabulous evening entertainment, port charges, as well as the Couples Cruise marriage seminars and events.
Contact Columbus Travel to answer all your questions, then register today to be a part of this exciting Couples Cruise!

             Phone:      1-800-373-3328

Click here! --  Fun cruise photos and all the cruise details...!

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To make it easier for you to utilize Laura's many resources for strengthening marriages, we have created a "Key Resources" list:
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