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Newsletter #51 -- Apr 17, 2013
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NEWS #51 -- Self-Help Sex Therapy --
The Marital Intimacy Show
The Marital Intimacy Show banner
Self-Help Sex Therapy

Not many people are terribly anxious to go visit a sex therapist to help them with their sexual difficulties in marriage. Well, that's okay 'cuz we've tried to make it easy for couples to get some help from within the privacy of their own home.

Below you'll find nearly 60 brief audio segments discussing various topics related to sex and intimacy, as if you were having your very own consultation with Laura as your sex therapist! ;)
The Marital Intimacy Show
with Laura M. Brotherson
Episode TitleLength
Hungry Dog Syndrome, Part 2 (09:30)
#058Hungry Dog Syndrome, Part 1 (09:15)
#057Self-Help Sex Therapy (10:05)
#056 Differences in Sexual Wiring - Bridling vs. Awakening Sexual Energy (09:03)
#055Sexual Surrender (08:10)
#054 Healthy Sex (07:31)
#053 What He Really Wants for Christmas (07:38)
#052 50 Reasons to Make Love (11:59)
#051 The Agony and the Ecstasy of ONEness in Marriage (09:05)
 What's Up with the Bait and Switch in Marriage? - Q&A, Part 2 (07:42)
#049 What's Up with the Bait and Switch in Marriage? - Q&A, Part 1 (07:51) 
#048The Importance, Inhibitors and Intricacies of Intimacy (08:08)
#047Good Girls Do! Countering the Good Girl Syndrome in Marriage (09:14)
#046 Why I Wrote the Book 'And They Were Not Ashamed- Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment' (07:32)
#045 Raising the Bar on Date Night (09:36)
#044 No, May Not Always Mean No (06:44)
#043 Let's Play 20 Questions (08:42)
#042 Five Key Times to Talk to Your Kids about Sex - Part 2 (09:58)
#041 Five Key Times to Talk to Your Kids about Sex - Part 1 (10:45)
#040 Lovemaking: When Couples Have Teens at Home - Q&A (12:04)
#039 Overcoming The Good Girl Syndrome (12:54)
#038 The Good Girl Syndrome (08:47)
#037Beating the Body Image Blues: Part 3 - Making Peace with Your Body (11:05)
#036 Beating the Body Image Blues: Part 2 - Emotional Eating (10:58)
Beating the Body Image Blues: Part 1 - What is Real (09:54)
#034 Body Image and Lovemaking - Part 2 (08:33)
#033 Body Image and Lovemaking - Part 1 (09:01)
#032 Husbands, Housework, Divorce and Sex (14:10)
#031 Sharing Fantasies - Q&A (09:25)
#030I Am a Sexual Being, and It's Good-Developing a Sexual Identity (10:45)
#029 A Quickie about Quickies (07:24)
#028 The Bliss of a Kiss-Restoring the Lost Art of Kissing, Pt 3 (09:41)
#027 The Bliss of a Kiss-Restoring the Lost Art of Kissing, Pt 2 (08:54)
#026 The Bliss of a Kiss-Restoring the Lost Art of Kissing, Pt 1 (07:54)
#025 What You Need to Know about Loving Your Spouse (13:10)
#024 The Blissful Caress (09:53)
#023 Mood Music - Q&A (08:19)
#022 Where Do I Start in Strengthening My Marriage Intimately? - Q&A (13:57)
Overcoming Obstacles of the Big "O" - Part 3 (15:12)
#020Overcoming Obstacles of the Big "O" - Part 2 (13:28)
#019 Overcoming Obstacles of the Big "O" - Part 1 (17:05)
#018 Stories of Hope - Finding Fulfillment (15:23)
#017Desire is a Decision (13:28)
#016What Sex Means to a Man (14:28)
#015 Making Passion a Priority (12:40)
#014 Auditory Arousal (11:29)
#013 Awakening Sensuality (12:41)
Three Keys to Help You Thrive in Your Marriage (15:57)
#011 Tiger Woods, Marriage and Infidelity (17:18)
#010 Secrets of Sexually Satisfied Wives - Part 2 (17:43)
#009 Secrets of Sexually Satisfied Wives - Part 1 (17:17)
#008Affair Proofing Your Marriage, Part 4 - Vulnerability and Opportunity (15:31)
#007 Affair Proofing Your Marriage, Part 3 - Dealing with Your Issues (15:58)
#006Affair Proofing Your Marriage, Part 2 - Specific Steps (15:35)
#005Affair Proofing Your Marriage, Part 1 - What's Not Enough (18:35)
#004 Jumpstarting Your Marriage - Part 2 (19:01)
#003 Jumpstarting Your Marriage - Part 1 (14:07)
#002 Six Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage Sexually - Part 2 (21:20)
#001 Six Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage Sexually - Part 1 (18:44)

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LDS Bishop Resources

I was recently asked to put together some information for a training for local bishops of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help them with the responsibility they have of counseling with their ward members.

It was a little surprising to find very few resources easily available to help our good bishops, so I thought I'd pass this along to others who might also be able to use it. Please share this information with those who may be interested!

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Laura's Dating Divas Tele-Seminar --
"Meeting Each Other's Intimate Needs"

If you missed out on Laura's latest presentation "Meeting Each Other's Intimate Needs" for The Dating Divas "Successful Marriages Tele-Retreat!" (Thursday, March 21st, 2013) be sure to check out her presentation slides and/or access the recording for a small fee.

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