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Newsletter #46 -- Sep 12, 2012
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Newsletter #46 -- "Vacuuming Naked"
"Vacuuming Naked"
by Laura M. Brotherson

You Did What?!

*Candace had been struggling with body image issues for some time. We had worked on it quite a bit in both individual and couples therapy sessions, and she was making good progress. She looked like someone you'd think would feel great about how she looked, but her husband felt like he wasn't "seeing enough" of her!

One day Candace walked into my office and said, "Guess what I did this week?" I couldn't guess so she said, "I vacuumed naked!" I said, "You did what?!" "I actually vacuumed naked...while my husband was watching even!" Wow! I was stunned and thrilled all at the same time.

I asked what made her decide to do that. She said she thought it would help her get more comfortable with her body. I asked if it worked, and she said, "Yes!"
Simply Sweet Marriage -- Prize Pack Giveaway
Simply Sweet Marriage website Simply Sweet Marriage giveaway

Our good friends at (an online store for intimacy and romance products) are having a fabulous giveaway of some wonderful intimacy-inducing items...including an autographed copy of my book And They Were Not Ashamed--Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment.

In the prize pack you'll find: 

Click here for all the details of how to get yourself entered for this fabulously fun giveaway! 

Marriage-Strengthening Partners...'s Story logo

Because wanted to have this fabulous giveaway of fun intimacy-inducing items for OUR fans, we wanted to know what was behind all their enthusiastic support of and our marriage-strengthening efforts!

So, here is Heidie Lee's story and her journey of creating the online store!

Do You Have a Story?

If you have a story where has in some way inspired you to start a business and get involved in marriage-strengthening efforts, we'd love to hear from you!
SURVEY -- Christian Sex in America
Christian Sex in America survey
The Sexual Wholeness Institute, where I have been receiving my sex therapy training, is participating in a nation-wide research project on Christian Sex in America.

They'd love to have you take this survey.
Click here to do so!
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To make it easier for you to utilize Laura's many resources for strengthening marriages, we have created a key resources list here:
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