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Newsletter #44 -- April 9, 2012

~ The Bait & Switch in Marriage ~

"The Bait and Switch in Marriage"
by Laura M. Brotherson

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"What happened to my wife? She used to be so affectionate before marriage!"This expression is often heard from husbands who wonder how their marital relationship could turn out so differently than they expected. One husband shared his experience as follows:

“Before we were married my wife was very into the idea of being intimate and was looking forward to it. You could tell that her drive was high. But after we got married -- like very shortly afterwards -- her drive disappeared. She swears that it's not me or my performance, but that it's just her. She says she just doesn't know what to do about it, and wants her sex drive to kick in again much like her desire to be a mother kicked in again after we had our first child.” 

You can find the rest of this article on Meridian Magazine where many of my past articles have been published. I'm excited to finally be getting back into the groove of writing articles again!

Read the rest of the story -- "The Bait and Switch in Marriage."



The Dating Divas "Successful Marriages" Tele-Retreat

Laura's Presentation -- "Three Keys to Spicing Up Your Sexual Relationship"
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The Light is Here—Laura's Graduation and Licensing



I’m so thrilled that the light at the end of a long tunnel is finally here!

October 31, 2011 was my official graduation day from Capella University with a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MS, MFT)! It all began May 2006 and has finally ended nearly 5 1/2 years later in October 2011.


But even with graduation under my belt the road wasn’t yet done…I still had to do a few additional things for the state licensing board requirements. That was completed on February 8, 2012.

My current official credential is that of a Licensed Associate in Marriage and Family Therapy (LAMFT). Yay! That’s good enough for now!

After I accumulate a total of 2000 direct contact hours counseling clients, the state licensing board will remove the “A” from the LAMFT, and I will then be a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Until that time I will continue to meet regularly with a few of my colleagues to consult with them as supervisors about any questions or concerns I may run into with clients.

Face-to-Face Counseling

To gather direct contact hours with clients I began to do counseling for my internship back in January 2011 with a group private practice. I am continuing my counseling, coaching and consultation work with clients at the same group private practice — Cherry Lane Counseling Center in Meridian, Idaho (near Boise).

Have I mentioned that I LOVE what I do! : ) I’m especially a fan of marital and sex therapy! It sure seems to make a big difference for couples…even after just the first session! : )

Click here to read the rest of the story...!
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