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        March 23, 2010 -- Newsletter #37
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couple kissing"The Lost Art of Kissing"

by Laura M. Brotherson
Many couples have lost that lovin' feeling when it comes to kissing and making out. 

When was the last time you and your spouse made out?! Many couples have lost that lovin' feeling when it comes to kissing and making out.

When couples were dating, kissing was an exciting and savored experience. But after marriage many couples seem to have abandoned sensual, lip-to-lip (face or neck) kissing not only because additional sexual pleasures are now available, but maybe for other more intimate reasons of which they may not be aware.

Sex therapist, Dagmar O'Connor notes that kissing is actually far more intimate than sexual intercourse, because when we kiss, we cannot depersonalize the experience the way we can more easily if we are just "having sex." Kissing as part of lovemaking makes the experience more intimate, and helps keep the relationship or the emotional connection more present.

Re-awaken the Pleasure

My encouragement to couples is to re-awaken the pleasure and enjoyment not only of kissing within lovemaking, but also to enjoy and engage in more kissing for it's own sake--you know, making out!

Maybe you can go park somewhere after date night with the conscious agreement to sensually and/or teasingly explore each other's face, lips, mouth, neck, ears, and eyelids with kissing, nibbling, touching--being as creative as possible--without any pressure or expectation that it will lead to something more.

Get Creative–Have Fun!

Vary the intensity, the tempo, and/or the duration of the kisses. Pause with your faces barely touching to simply breathe each other in. Whatever you do, be playful, tease a little and have fun! Just remember that whatever is going on in your mind is going to come through in your kiss, so keep it positive and lovingly focused.

Some spouses may not like the idea of kissing that doesn't lead to "something more" especially when they feel that there's already not enough of the "something more" in their relationship. But learning to re-enjoy kissing for it's own sake is one of the great ways to also make it easier for lovemaking to more often follow.

If there are specific inhibiting factors that are keeping you from engaging in this important aspect of affection and intimacy then discuss these things with your spouse, and see if you can come up with ideas that would make things better for both of you.


Be sure to tune in to our next few episodes of "The Marital Intimacy Show" for more indepth insights and suggestions to help restore the art of kissing to its pre-marriage status as something anxiously anticipated!

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cruise ship

4th Annual — Couples’ Valentine’s Cruise
(Eastern/Southern Caribbean)
Hosted by The Women’s Information Network (The WIN)
Sun, February 6 – Sun, February 13, 201

Join us for a fabulously fun Couples’ Cruise to the beautiful Caribbean Islands!
We’ll set sail on the Norwegian Pearl for 7 romantic days. Leaving from Miami, Florida, we’ll visit the Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, Tortola and the Bahamas. This group cruise includes marriage enrichment seminars, group dinners,
group excursions … and so much more!

Cabins start at $599 (+ taxes) per person. This group price includes the cruise (with higher category cabins for the group), meals (24/7 food!), fabulous evening entertainment, port charges, as well as the Couples Cruise marriage seminars and onboard group events.

Reserve Today!

Deposit is $250/person with the balance due Nov. 1, 2010. Only 50 couples will be able to join us, and previous Couples Cruises have sold out, so book early! This cruise fills fast! We already have nearly 50 couples who have RSVP'd through Facebook alone letting us know they plan to attend, so you'll want to make your deposit as soon as you possibly can to reserve your cabin! We don't want you to miss out. (This newsletter has now gone out to an additional 6000 people.)

Place your deposit by Wednesday, April 14th
and receive a $25 onboard credit to spend!

Contact Columbus Travel to answer all your questions about this Couples’ Group Cruise with Laura M. Brotherson and The Women’s Information Network. Gather your friends and reserve your cabin today!

          Call to reserve today: 1-800-373-3328
Click here to Reserve Online with your deposit
          Email your questions to:

“Benefits of Belonging” — Cruise with us and enjoy…

  • Couples Cruise “Opening Social” event
  • Fun marriage seminars to strengthen your marriage intimately!
  • Group dinners (option to schedule dinners with Laura and her husband)
  • “Newlywed/Not-so-newlywed” game show!
  • The opportunity to schedule a consultation with Laura (limited openings/additional cost)
  • Group excursions (additional cost)
  • Couples Cruise “Closing Social” event
  • Associating with fun people who make their marriage a priority
  • Upgraded category (higher level) cabins
  • Reduced group prices for Miami, Florida hotel
  • Help with hotel, ground and air transportation arrangements

For additional information and to check out fun photos from past Couples Cruises click here!

Cruise Comments 

“This had to be the most fun vacation I have ever had. It felt like I was out on a really fun date
for seven nights in a row. I loved the marriage seminars, the entertainment, the food,
excursions, friends, clean rooms, everything was so excellent!!!!!!!!”
“I think the cruises with Laura are the best cruises I’ve ever been on. It was
the ultimate “Valentine’s Cruise,” and I highly recommend the tradition! The investment
in your marriage will be returned MANY times the investment!”

cruise pics


Wives Club -- Girlfriend PowerWives Club --
Coming Soon! army of women helping women strengthen their marriages intimately.
I've frequently been inspired by the many women out there who truly understand the nature and importance of the intimate relationship in marriage. I've been even more inspired by those who have also taken the charge to reach out to their friends to be a source of affirmation and encouragement regarding the sexual relationship in marriage.

Plans are in the works to create a "wives club" to capture the "girlfriend power" that exists out there as a means of strengthening marriages intimately! Girlfriends are able to influence each other in a way that maybe no one else can. Girlfriends may be the only place some women will go to even broach the sensitive subject of S-E-X!

Stay tuned for more details as we finalize our vision for an army of women helping women strengthen their marriages intimately. If you've read the book And They Were Not Ashamed — Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment, and feel a desire to help encourage others, you might be just who we are looking for to join the ranks of our wives club!


New Couples Photos / Anniversary Inn Getaway Winner!

Over 100 new couples photos have been added to our Couples Photos page due to our recent 2010 getaway drawing to The Anniversary Inn. Congratulations to Mark & Kaylene--the lucky winners of this year’s romantic getaway!

Check out all the great new photos and locate your picture, if you sent one in. There are so many good ones. Good luck trying to choose a favorites!

We continue to welcome everyone to send in their favorite husband/wife photo for our Couples Photos page. All entries will automatically be entered in next year’s romantic getaway drawing.

Thanks everyone for sending in all these great photos! It helps people see that there are many others willing to make their marriage a priority, and to take a stand for strengthening marriages intimately!

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The Marital Intimacy Show &
The Women's Information Network (The WIN)

The Marital Intimacy ShowMake it a habit to strengthen your marriage intimately by listening to the brief episodes of The Marital Intimacy Show every week. A new episode is posted by Wednesday of each week. You can click here to listen online while reading your email, working online, or download an episode or two to take it with you as you go about your day! (Remember it's adult information! : )

You won't have to miss a single episode if you subscribe to The Marital Intimacy Show. You'll receive an email updating you when each new episode is posted. This is intimate information for your marriage that you just won't get anywhere else! Here are some of our latest episodes:

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The Women's Information Network (The WIN)The Women's Information Network

Annual International Convention
April 17, 2010 (Los Angeles)
"Be the Change"

When was the last time you attended an amazing, life-changing event? You'll want to attend the fabulous Women’s Information Network’s International Convention on April 17th in Los Angeles, California at the Westin Airport Hotel. The theme is “Be the Change.” Women from all over the world will gather together to learn how to "Be the Change" in their own lives and in the lives of women worldwide.

You’ll receive awesome gifts, see fabulous entertainers, learn from amazing experts and celebrities, laugh with comedians, and meet/network with hundreds of amazing women! This "Be the Change" Women’s Conference will absolutely change the way you think as you discover new ways to reinvigorate your life and your business and to connect with women across the globe.

The WIN is making it possible for every woman to attend this A-MA-ZING event for the low price of only $35! Or, you can purchase a V.I.P. Upgrade for only $65 and enjoy a delicious, private lunch-with-the-speakers! 

            When? Saturday, April 17, 2010, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Registration is from 8:30 – 9 a.m. 

            Where? The Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel: 5400 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Phone: 310-216-5858 or 1-800-Westin1. (Free shuttle service to/from the airport.) If you make hotel reservations ask for The WIN Group Rate of only $99/night.

            Register? On Events Page. Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis until The WIN International Convention is sold out.

I’m excited about this great event, and especially about the mission of The WIN ~ to strengthen women and families worldwide ~ of which I am honored to be a part as show host of "The Marital Intimacy Show" on The Women's Information Network! Learn more about The WIN here!


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