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October 20, 2007 -- Newsletter #29

Couple at DinnerDate Night is NOT Optional

Many couples find themselves falling out of love and falling into dangerous territory. But itís pretty difficult to fall out of love when you are spending regular amounts of fun time together. Date night keeps the good times in marriage in better balance with the difficult times. It's a proactive way to continually create good times!

There was a time in my life when Friday night date night was the literal light at the end of my tunnel each week. I knew I could make it through one more day, because Friday was almost here. I donít know how I would have survived those years without that to look forward to.

Date night gave me a chance to remember that I was a wife--my husband's sweetheart--not just an all-consumed mother. Date night put a sparkle back into my eyes and into my soul. It continues to be something I look forward to every single week. Couple Dancing

Date night helps me remember those wonderful feelings of our courtship days. (Hey guys donít forget to open her doors. And gals donít forget to let himÖeven if you have to sit there and wait for a moment or two to retrain him!) Keeping those feelings of love alive is the opportunity and the responsibility of every husband and wife.

Sometimes we forget that a marriage needs to be nourished. We canít just stop doing all the things we used to do when courting and expect our marriage to stay vibrant. Our marriage needs constant nourishment emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

The emotional intimacy and connection that grows through regular date nights is the fuel that makes both husband and wife feel loved, cherished and desirable. Date night is not optional for those couples who want to stay close and connected.Couple - sitting on lap

If I had to choose three things that are the key activities for those who want a strong and happy marriage relationship I would choose the following:

   1.  Weekly date night
   2.  Nightly couple prayers
   3.  Regular lovemaking

Decide to make your marriage the best it can be by including these activities into your life. And remember that date night is NOT optional!

See you later! Itís date nightÖ!!!

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Emil Harker, MFTSexual Intimacy Seminars

      with Emil Harker MS, MFT

Experience a frank and tasteful exploration of the elements of intimacy, and the road to mutually satisfying sexual fulfillment in marriage. Emil Harker, clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) presents fun and enlightening seminars based on teachings in the book "And They Were Not Ashamed--Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment" by Laura M. Brotherson.

Seminars occur monthly in Layton, Utah (25 miles north of Salt Lake City) with upcoming seminars on:

  • Saturday, Oct 20, 2007
  • Saturday, Nov 17, 2007

Cost is $100 per couple. Contact Emil Harker at (801) 543-2120 for more information and to reserve your spot. Visit his BLOG for more information.


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Liz Hale and Laura BrothersonFREE Downloadable Podcasts

If you missed Laura's weekly radio show segments with Dr. Liz Hale, discussing marital intimacy, they are now available as FREE downloads. Here are a few of the many topics that were discussed:

  • Preparing for a positive honeymoon experience
  • Teaching children about sexual intimacy
  • Pornography's effect on marital intimacy
  • Reasons to make love
  • How to bring up the topic of intimacy with your spouse
  • How to answer what's okay and what isn't questions
  • Why you were attracted to your spouse and how it can lead to your healing and wholeness
  • Focusing on ourselves to improve our relationships
  • Sex after childbirth
  • Female sexual desire issues  


Cruise Sign-up Special! -- Last Couples' Cruise with Laura Brotherson

group dinner on cruiseSouthern Caribbean Cruise for Couples 
Feb 23 - Mar 1, 2008

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  • Cultivating a Sexy State of Mind
  • Differences in Male/Female Sexual Wiring
  • How to Talk with Your Spouse about Sex
  • How to Make Sex More Intimate 

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Blog pageNEW Blog Posts

We hope you've been enjoying our new resource -- "Laura's Strengthening Marriage Blog."  This blog is intended to be one of the few places people can go to get straight talk about strengthening marriages intimately, and yet feel confident that the sanctity of marriage and sexuality will be upheld.

We've added lots of great new marriage strengthening insights, so be sure to check it out and share your thoughts. This is a great place for an interactive discussion of marriage, sex, and intimacy. We do hope that with all of your thoughtful comments some good discussions and learning can occur here.

Male-Female switch boxNew blog posts include: 

Marriage Friendly Therapist Registry logoNew Resources on Resource Page

On our Resources Page you'll find some great new resources by doing a search of the following topics:

  • Preparing for Marriage
  • Finding a Counselor
  • Same-gender Attraction

Check back often for newly added resources to help strengthen your marriage and family.


Straight Talk Q&A

Q:  I still haven't had an orgasm after 24 years of marriage. What can I do?

A:   It's important to consider the whole package when determining what's needed to experience the ecstasy of orgasm. Particularly for women, it's not just a sexual "technique" that's usually missing. While clitoral stimulation is important, it's possible that the real culprit lies somewhere else, such as in the relationship, or in your thoughts and beliefs about sex. We need to consider the way women are wired sexually, then see which area seems to be lacking. So, let's take a look at each of the 6 T's of the female sexual response and go from there:

  1. Thoughts
  2. Tenderness
  3. Teasing/Playfulness
  4. Talk
  5. Touch
  6. Time

Read the rest of the answer here...

Visit our Straight Talk Q&A here.


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