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April 30, 2007 -- Newsletter #26


Couple connectingKeeping in Touch Emotionally

How up-to-date are you and your spouse on what each other is feeling and thinking? The emotional connection in a marriage is what provides shelter for couples against the inevitable storms and challenges that life brings.

People learn, grow and change in little ways every day. Staying connected to your spouse's inner world is a necessary endeavor in the adventure of marriage.

When we neglect taking the time to connect emotionally by sharing our hearts and lives, couples begin to feel distance between them, and unhappiness grows. When staying connected is a priority, challenges are more easily endured, and marital happiness and fulfillment increase.

Keeping in touch emotionally not only feeds the marriage relationship, but also provides the necessary foundation for sexual intimacy--especially for women. I'm always amazed when men underestimate the importance of emotional connection not only for a wife's well-being, but also for her ability to respond sexually. Heart to Heart

Both husbands and wives are hard wired for closeness and connection. We do not function as successfully without it.

Get Connected Homework!

How well can you answer the following questions about your spouse? We invite you to print out this page and spend some time together sharing your answers to these questions:

  • What makes your spouse feel really happy and alive?
  • What are your spouse's current stresses and worries?
  • What or who irritates your spouse?
  • Who or what most inspires your spouse?
  • What are some of your spouse's life dreams?
  • What are your spouse's favorite foods or kinds of foods?
  • What would your spouse most like to change about themselves?
  • Who are your spouse's closest friends?
  • What is the most recent thing that made your spouse happy?
  • What is the most recent thing that made your spouse sad or angry?
  • What are some of your spouse's biggest fears or frustrations?
  • What would your spouse want to do if money were no object?

Make it a habit to check in with your spouse emotionally by engaging in some pillow talk at night, going on a weekly date night, having lunch together, or touching base with a daily phone call. We'd love to hear from you about your experience getting connected emotionally.

Read chapter 10 of And They Were Not Ashamed--Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment to learn more about increasing emotional intimacy.


Cruise ship Couples' Caribbean Cruise 2008 -- Mother's Day Special

You've been thinking about it, and now is the time to go for it!

May 7 - 12th is the time to call Cruise Planners and register for the 2008 Couples Cruise. You'll receive the reduced deposit of only $100 per person, as well as the Princess Cruise on-board coupon book valued at over $120 (for first time cruisers).

Our 3rd annual Couples' Cruise will be better than ever! Check out how much fun we had this year at our 2007 Couples Cruise Photos Page. Each year gets better and better, and 2008 will be a cruise not-to-miss!

Couples' Southern Caribbean Cruise
Sat. February 23 - Sat. March 1, 2008

We'll set sail aboard the "Crown Princess" to the Southern Caribbean ports of Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, Tortola and St. Thomas. Cabin prices begin at $817 per person. Contact Vickie or Amber at Cruise Planners to find out more and to reserve your space (866) 446-4218.

For more information, visit our Cruise Information page.

Dancing Laura speaking

Women's Conf booksigning 2006 BYU Women's Conference -- "Meet the Author"

Stop by to meet author Laura M. Brotherson at the BYU Bookstore during Women's Conference in Provo, Utah. She will be doing two booksignings this year:

  • Wed, May 2 -- 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
  • Thur, May 3 -- 4 - 6 p.m.

Click here for more information about BYU Women's Conference.


ACME Marriage Conf logo

"Sexy is a State of Mind" Workshop at Orlando Marriage Conference

"'Happily Ever After' Turning Fairy Tales Into Reality"
ACME International Marriage Enrichment Celebration
July 12-15, 2007 (Orlando, Florida)

"Happily Ever After," the International Marriage Enrichment Celebration (IMEC) sponsored by the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment (ACME) , will help you achieve the relationship of your dreams and turn fairy tales into reality. Join with hundreds of other couples this summer in Orlando, Florida to celebrate your marriage, learn relationship skills, and rekindle the romance, fun, and passion!

Relationship experts and couples just like you share their tips for making marriage all that it can be. From effective conflict resolution to great sex, topics will be presented to help you and your spouse learn how to make happily ever after a reality in your relationship. Living a happily-ever-after marriage is hard work that pays off!

Some of the conference presenters and topics include:

Kevin and Laura BrothersonLaura (and Kevin) Brotherson, Author of "And They Were Not Ashamed"
"Sexy is a State of Mind--Cultivating Sexual Desire for Your Spouse"

Gary and Karolyn Chapman

Gary (and Karolyn) Chapman, Author of "The Five Love Languages"
"The Language of Love and Forgiveness"

Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt, Author of "Getting the Love Your Want"
"How To Be Married"

Dr. Scott HaltzmanScott Haltzman, Author of "Secrets of Happily Married Men"
"The Secrets of Passion in Marriage"


Click here for more information on other Upcoming Events .


Teaching Intimacy 101 cover imageLet's Talk...about the Birds and the Bees!

"Teaching Intimacy 101 -- How to Teach Your Children about Sex & Intimacy in Marriage"  (2 CD Audio Book) 

Don't let the birds and the bees scare you! Now you can take on the challenge of teaching your children about sex and intimacy in marriage with confidence and conviction! The four "don't miss" occasions to talk to your children about sex and marriage are:

  1. Before age eight
  2. Before puberty
  3. Before dating
  4. Before marriage

With this audio book, author and intimacy educator Laura M. Brotherson helps parents overcome their fear and discomfort, prepare themselves and their children for these sacred conversations, and learn what, when, why, and how to teach their children about the intricacies of intimacy, and better prepare them for a mutually fulfilling, lasting relationship in marriage.

Don't leave these vital teachings to your kid's friends, the media or society at large. A meaningful intimate relationship is not just something couples will necessarily stumble onto. It's something they must learn.

It's time to create a whole new generation of young people who go into marriage better prepared for the intimate marital relationship!

We invite you to share your reviews of our new CDs: "Teaching Intimacy 101" and "Love 101" on


Event Photos

Many new photos have been added to the "Author Events" page. It's been fun to meet so many of you at these various events. Click on the photo or link to see that event's photos.

Laura at Deseret BookMar 31, 2007 -- Deseret Book Ladies Night Booksigning

Laura and Ty MansfieldMar 10, 2007 -- "A More Excellent Hope--Overcoming Pornography" Conference

Rebecca and LauraMar 9, 2007 -- BYU Family Outreach Conference

Cruise snorkelingFeb 10, 2007 -- Couples Valentine's Cruise

BYU Ed WeekAug 25, 2006 -- BYU Campus Education Week


BYU Idaho Ed WeekJune 29, 2006 -- BYU Idaho Education Week

Laura and Mark GungorJune 23, 2006 -- Smart Marriages Conference

LDSMN conference groupJune 22, 2006 -- LDS Marriage Network Smart Marriages Pre-Conference

BYU Womens ConfMay 5, 2006 -- BYU Women's Conference Booksigning


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