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Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship


Princess Cruise Line is having a limited time special offer on some of the
lower level cabins for our Valentine's Couples' Cruise, Feb. 10-17, 2007
to the Western Caribbean. Call Cruise Planners today at (866) 446-4218
to check out the special offer, and to reserve your cabin with our special
couples group cruise. Inside rooms are currently available for only
$649 + tax/person. If you have already booked with another travel/cruise
company and want to be a part of our groups' festivities, you can cancel
with your travel agent prior to final payment, and book with Cruise
Planners, or you can pay $75/person to be included with our group.

The following are just some of the extra benefits you'll receive by being a
part of our group:

1) Dinners Together -- The Cruise Planners "Couples Cruise" group receives
priority, reserved seating for us to dine together in their elegant dining rooms.
This is just one of the enjoyable aspects of the cruise, to get to know each
other and visit together during dinner before heading off to one of the evening's
excellent entertainment activities.

2) Couples' Cruise Opening and Closing Socials -- Cruise Planners will be
having two parties, just for us, on the opening night and again on closing night.
We'll have a chance to get to know those in our group, have a group picture
taken, and then at the closing social and booksigning we'll say good-bye to
our new dear friends.

3) Marriage Education Seminars -- Of course, you won't want to miss
out on the rare opportunity to hear real straight talk about how to strengthen
marriages intimately by intimacy educator and author, Laura M. Brotherson.
You'll still have plenty of time for fun and leisure after the seminars on those
two days at sea.

4) Couples' "Marriage" Game Show -- Brush up on your knowledge
about your spouse and your relationship for our very own Cruise Planners
"Newlywed" style Couples' Game Show.

Be sure to join us for this special Cruise Planners Valentine's Couples' Cruise
to enjoy these (and other) extra benefits. Call Cruise Planners today to take
advantage of the current Princess Cruise special for this Couples Cruise group
cruise -- Phone: (866) 446-4218. Email:

P.S. Those of you who sign up for this cruise will begin receiving "Cruise News"
updates from Cruise Planners to help in your planning and preparation...and
to get you excited for the week of your life! You can check out the "Cruise News"
from our 2006 cruise:

In the words of one of last year's cruise goers:

"This cruise was the funnest vacation I have ever had. It felt
like I was out on a really fun date for seven days in a row!"

For additional information about the Couples' Valentine's Cruise 2007 visit:


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