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1~  MARRIAGE TIP -- "Putting Spirituality Back into Sex"
2~  EVENTS -- Women's Health Conf (Mar 18); BYU-Idaho Ed Week (Jun 30);
      BYU Campus Ed Week (Aug 21); Couples' W. Caribbean Cruise (Feb '07)
3~  NEWS -- (1) Report on Couples' Cruise 2006!; (2) Phone Consultations--
      Monthly Check up;  (3) Couples' Photos--Romantic Getaway Winner;
      (4) Engagement Season

READER'S REVIEWS -- "I have seen miracles take place in my marriage"
5~  STRAIGHT TALK Q&A -- Information on tantra--a spiritual approach to
6~  WORDS TO PONDER -- Marriage is honorable in all
Husband's touch holds key to her peace of mind

1~  MARRIAGE TIP -- "Putting Spirituality Back into Sex"

One of God's first commands was for husband and wife to cleave (or join)
unto each other and become one flesh...not just one heart, but one flesh
(see Genesis 2:24). It seems that God intended physical/sexual communion
as a crucial component of marital oneness. The spirituality of sexual
relations as a gift in marriage is something often overlooked in a society
rampant with Satan's deceptions.

Sexuality is a sacred and innate part of our being, given to us by God, and
meant to flourish within marriage.
If we see sex as solely a physical act,
then we are missing out on its grander meaning and godly purposes. Satan
strives to deceive us into disassociating sexuality with spirituality. Many of
our struggles and addictions stem from a lack of spiritual development
regarding our sexuality.

When we ignore or avoid developing and mastering this sacred part of our
very being, we are incomplete and will someday sense the absence. It is our
longing for wholeness, that will direct us toward the path of perfection
and completion—ultimately guiding us to see and experience the spirituality
of our God-given sexuality.

What can be done to see and experience sex in a more spiritual light? First,
we must adjust our beliefs to allow spirituality and sex to coexist. If in your
mind, sex and spirituality just don't mix, then it will be difficult for you to find
the goodness or spiritual connection inherent in God's creation. Secondly, a
spiritual union within lovemaking requires a greater investment of the heart
and soul. H
usband and wife connect more profoundly on an emotional level
rather than merely going through the motions.

With the heart in the right place, sex can literally be a rejuvenation of the
soul, as husband and wife join their bodies and spirits in an act of
communion with God. This kind of sharing brings husband and wife closer
together and enhances the relationship. It makes you want to be a better
spouse...and a better person.

Does sex as a spiritual experience mean that it must be somber and
solemn? No. Spiritual sex can be soft and slow or passionate and powerful!
It's the intent of the heart and the depth of emotional connection that makes
the difference. As a consummation of emotional, physical and spiritual
connection, sex can be a sublimely spiritual experience.

2~  AUTHOR EVENTS -- Women's Health Conf (Mar 18); BYU-Idaho
      Ed Week (Jun 30); BYU Campus Ed Week (Aug 21);
      Couples' W. Caribbean Cruise (Feb '07)

"Women in Motion" Health Conference
Saturday, March 18, 2006, 9 - 5:30 p.m. (Delta, Utah)
Presentation Topics:
   ~ "Good Girls Don't" and Other Intimate Inhibitors
   ~ "Sexy is a State of Mind--Cultivating Intimate Desire for Your Spouse"
Bring your girlfriends and join us this weekend for a fun event! It will be a
great opportunity to receive intimate insights for your marriage--not available
anywhere else! Register today online at:

BYU Idaho Education Week

June 29 - July 1, 2006 (Rexburg, Idaho)
Presentation Series Title: "Straight Talk about Strengthening Marriage"

BYU Campus Education Week
August 21 - 25, 2006, BYU Campus (Provo, Utah)
Presentation Series Title: "Understanding the Intricacies of ONEness in

Couples' Valentine’s Cruise (W. Caribbean)

February 10 - 17, 2007 (
Leaving from Galveston, TX)
Headliner -- Laura M. Brotherson, CFLE, Author of "And They Were
                  Not Ashamed"

If you missed out on joining us for this year's fabulous Couples' Cruise to the
Eastern Caribbean, you can plan now to join us for next year's Couples' Cruise
to the Western Caribbean! Plan to make it an annual marriage celebration by
joining us for this Valentine's Cruise. Prices start at $791 per person. To be a
part of this great group, call Cruise Planners at 801-446-4218 or 866-446-4218.
Click here for more information:

For additional information on these events, visit our "Events" page:

3~  NEWS -- (1) Report on Couples' Cruise 2006!; (2) Phone
      Consultations--Monthly Check up;  (3) Couples' Photos--Romantic
      Getaway Winner; (4) Engagement Season

(1) Report on Couples' Cruise 2006!
Fabulous! sums up the experience had by all on our February 2006 Couples'
Valentine's Cruise. Cruise Planners has asked Laura Brotherson to headline
their annual Couples' Valentine's Cruise--Marriage Education Week at Sea
for two more years! For more information about next year's Western
Caribbean cruise, as well as fun photos, and our favorite things from this
year's cruise, visit:

Here is what some of the cruise attendees had to say:
"The cruise was fantastic!!! I only wish next February was already
here. This had to be the most fun vacation I have ever had. It felt
like I was out on a really fun date for seven nights in a row. I loved
the seminars, the entertainment, the food, excursions, friends,
clean rooms, everything was so excellent!!!!!!!!"

"This cruise was a blast! I highly recommend it to any couple that
wants to build a better marriage...and come away with a better
relationship with your husband as your best friend and lover!!"

"The cruise was a miracle for our wife came away with
so many insights, and hope that we can address our issues. The
presentations/discussions were the best part of the whole cruise!"

(2)  Phone Consultations -- Monthly Check-up
We have openings for 4 - 6 couples (or individuals) who would like to
continue moving forward toward creating a wonderfully fulfilling intimate
Couples have few options in seeking helpful, personal
assistance on this sensitive and delicate subject. By providing phone
consultations we hope to address this vital need.
If you and/or your spouse
are interested in a monthly check up to keep you on track to create the
marriage of your dreams, contact to
arrange a time. Time slots are limited, but we'd like to provide this valuable
opportunity for couples or individuals to benefit from asking questions and
receiving help in applying the principles of intimacy into their relationships.
A few p
hone consultations ($55/half-hour sessions) will also continue to be
available for purchase online at:

For more information and to schedule a half-hour consultation for $55 visit:

(3)  Couples Photos -- Romantic Getaway Winner
Congratulations to Mike and Nibs--winners of our Valentine's 2006 Romantic
Getaway to the Anniversary Inn ( Please
continue to s
end us your favorite husband/wife photo to be posted on our
We want to continue to build a "Strengthening Marriage" showcase
of loving couples to provide psychological support for being "unashamed"
about strengthening marriages intimately! Even if you prefer to not send us
a photo, we hope you'll display a photo of you and your spouse in your home.

Send your photo with your first names, and how many years you've been
married to: You can check
out our "Couples Photos" page at:

(4) Engagement Season

Spring is in the air! We will be soon be feeling the effects of "Engagement
Season," as wedding announcements begin to fill our mail boxes! Save
yourself some time and money by conveniently purchasing a supply of the
book, "And They Were Not Ashamed--Strengthening Marriage through
Sexual Fulfillment"
to have on hand for all the new couples that will be
embarking upon the adventure of marriage! You can do something about all
the comments we receive like, "I wish I would have had this book when I got
married" by making this your standard wedding gift. Discount prices
available by buying online:

To stay current on "What's New" on the
website visit:

4~  READER'S REVIEWS -- "I have seen miracles take place
      in my marriage"
"My husband and I have always had a very loving relationship and
have been close, but since finding Laura's book and really studying
it and APPLYING what we are learning, I have seen miracles take
place in my marriage. I realize the Lord really does care about us in
our sexual, emotional and spiritual intimacies in marriage."
We welcome you to share your thoughts about the book "And They Were
Not Ashamed" at:

5~  STRAIGHT TALK Q&A -- Information on tantra--a spiritual
approach to lovemaking

I was browsing through your website and noticed that one of your radio show
appearances was on the subject of tantric love. I've heard of it before and
have seen books in stores, but I've never explored it much, since most
books are just too explicit and have pictures of real people. Do you know
of a book or another reference that would be okay?

Tantra refers to ancient Hindu philosophies where sexual love is seen as a
spiritual union or sacrament with a focus on the emotional connection and
the sexual energy shared between husband and wife.
In researching tantric
, I have found some valuable insights that have helped me see sex as a
more spiritual experience. One book I might recommend is called "Tantra:
The Art of Conscious Loving"
by Charles and Caroline Muir. I may not agree
with everything in it, but I did find it to be of value. The information is
presented within the context of couples being more conscious or intentional
in their lovemaking...and it has no pictures! It may be beyond what most
couples are ready for, but it can certainly provide some insights into a more
spiritual view of sexuality.

To check out other questions and answers visit our Q&A webpage at:

6~  WORDS TO PONDER -- Marriage is honorable in all
"Marriage is honourable in all and the bed undefiled" (Hebrews 13:4)

7~  MARRIAGE NEWS -- Husband's touch holds key to her
      peace of mind

"Marriage News" is a new feature to share some of the latest news
regarding marriage-related topics.

Men hold key to their wives' calm
By Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times, February 20, 2006

Forget about bubble baths, chocolate, or lunch with the girls. A touch of
her husband's hand is one of the most effective ways to calm and comfort
a woman. Women under stress who hold their husbands' hands show
signs of "immediate relief," with a powerful decrease in threat-related brain
activity. What's more, the better the marriage, the better the relief.

To read the entire article (copy and paste link without any spaces/breaks
into web browser):

Stay tuned for more intimacy insights in upcoming Strengthening Marriage
Newsletters...! Visit the e-Newsletter archive at:

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