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        e-Newsletter #8--March 9, 2005  (#05-3)

1)  MARRIAGE TIP--Sharing Facts and Feelings
2)  ARTICLE--"Don't Forget the Honeymoon!"
3)  EVENTS--BYU Family Outreach Conf.; Marriage Seminar;
     BYU Idaho Education Week
4)  IN THE NEWS--Deseret News & Athens Banner-Herald
     "...powerfully corrective manifesto"
6)  GREAT DATE IDEA--Love Lists
7)  WORDS TO PONDER--Mutual fulfillment needed

1)  MARRIAGE TIP--Sharing Facts and Feelings

Communication is a powerful contributor to intimacy in marriage.
Couples can increase their emotional connection by sharing experiences,
facts, and feelings from their daily lives. This can be done verbally with
phone calls, taking a few minutes at night for "pillow talk" time, and
having a date night where there can be uninterrupted conversation.
Nonverbal communication can also build intimacy through cards, notes,
letters and e-mails.

Strive to share feelings more frequently by paying attention to your
emotions (especially the positive ones). Share at least one feeling with
your spouse every day. For heart-to-heart talks couples need to
remember that just as physical intimacy requires foreplay, so does
intimate communication. Warm up your intimate connection by sharing
facts and feelings. There is a special power associated with intimate
communication (sharing and listening) that provides healing to the heart
and soul.
(Taken from Chapter 10 "Becoming ONE--Emotional Intimacy" of
the book And They Were Not Ashamed--Strengthening Marriage
through Sexual Fulfillment

2)  ARTICLE--"Don't Forget the Honeymoon!"

With intimacy issues as one of the primary causes of divorce and
dissatisfaction in marriage, engaged couples need to prepare for the
honeymoon and the intimate aspects of marriage even more than they
prepare for the wedding day.

A positive, mutually enjoyable honeymoon experience builds a strong
foundation for the marital relationship. A negative experience can sow
seeds of dissatisfaction and disaffection that may fester for many years.

Couples need to understand that education, understanding each other’s
expectations, as well as time and experience will be needed to create
a mutually fulfilling intimate relationship.

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3)  AUTHOR EVENTS--BYU Family Outreach Conf, Marriage
      Seminar, BYU Idaho Education Week

BYU Family Outreach Conference
Friday, March 11, 2005, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. BYU (Provo, Utah)
Author Presentation, 10:20 a.m.--"Strengthening Marriages Intimately"
For more information visit

"Strengthening Marriages Sexually" (One-of-a-kind Seminar
    —Especially for women! You won't want to miss this!!)
Date: Saturday, April 16, 2005, 1-5 p.m.
Location: Curves for Women—Fitness Center
    (8960 West Ardene St., Boise, Idaho)
Cost: $40 (includes the book And They Were Not Ashamed)
    Register now and save!
    *  Learn the intricacies of the female sexual response
    *  Understand and appreciate sexual differences between
         husband and wife
Click here for more information and to register
If you have questions email:

***(For those of you who already have our book, just note that in the
Comments box when you register for the seminar and we will be sure
you are credited $15 back to your card.)***

BYU Idaho Education Week
Wed. Jun 22 - Sat. Jun 25, 2005 (Rexburg, Idaho)
SERIES I—"Understanding the Intricacies of ONEness in Marriage"
    Lecture 1--"How to Become ONE in Marriage"
    Lecture 2--"And They Were Not Ashamed—What the Scriptures
        Teach about ONEness in Marriage"
    Lecture 3--"Our Stewardship in Marriage—Finding Mutual
SERIES II—"Teaching Your Children to be Morally Clean and
        Better Prepared for Marriage
    Lecture 1--"Parental Preparation to Teach with Power and
    Lecture 2--"What to Teach Your Children"
    Lecture 3--"When and How to Teach"
For more information visit:

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4)  IN THE NEWS--Deseret News & Athens Banner-Herald

If you didn't get a chance to see the great news stories written about the
book And They Were Not Ashamed you're still in luck! You can read
two of the recent news articles by clicking on the links below:
"Author Addresses Attitudes Toward Married Sex"
    by Sharon Haddock, Deseret Morning News, Feb. 10, 2005,1249,600110585,00.html 

"Sexual Healing"
    by Kimberly E. Mock, Athens Banner-Herald, Feb. 10, 2005
        (You may need to logon to read this)
    Also available at MSNBC News:
(Links to/copies of additional news stories will be available soon at:

"...powerfully corrective manifesto"
    "As a clinical psychologist working with many couples with
sexual difficulties, I want to thank you for the wonderful
resource you have created. Your book, 'And They Were Not
Ashamed,' is a comprehensive and well-researched guidebook
for couples. What impresses me even more is that you've also
provided a warm and personal, yet powerfully corrective
manifesto, helping readers elevate the gift of sexual enjoyment
to its divinely intended place in our lives. The book has
enabled some of my female clients to give themselves
permission to thoroughly enjoy sex for the first time in
their lives."
        Mark D. Chamberlain, Ph.D., Co-author of Willpower
            Is Not Enough
and Author of Kids Are from Jupiter

" straight forward, yet in a personal, not clinical way"
    "As a bishop I now recommend your book to every engaged
couple, about to be married, that I counsel with. The 'Good
Girl Syndrome' is priceless information. I see too many women
in the marriage relationship, who don't see 'anything in it for
them.' Who have the attitude of, 'I don't care what you do, as
long as you don't wake me up.' This eventually can give the
husband the feeling of approaching his beloved wife 'only to
be serviced.' Your wonderful book explains, that there is
something beautiful for both the wife and the husband in
their intimate relationship.
    Young men also would do well to educate themselves before
they ruin this area on the honeymoon 'for many moons to
come' as you put it. The book is so straight forward, yet in a
personal, not clinical way. I also am glad it's coming from an
LDS women's point of view, so the women both inside and out
of the church, can 'trust' the information. I have recommended
this book to all the bishops in our stake."

Thank you for your continuing comments of praise and appreciation for the
book "And They Were Not Ashamed." Every bit of cultural acceptance
and support of the views we are endeavoring to advance helps us to break
down the barriers that impede our progress toward greater understanding
of the divinity of the intimate relationship in marriage. Take a minute to
share your thoughts at:

6) GREAT DATE IDEA--Love Lists

Call today to get a babysitter (if needed) for Friday or Saturday night.
While out on the town enjoying your favorite delectable dessert, each of
you create a list of ten specific things that most make you feel loved.
Share your lists with each other and commit to do one thing from your
spouse's list every day.

7)  WORDS TO PONDER--Mutual fulfillment needed
"When wives are unfulfilled sexually, husbands too are unfulfilled.
The ultimate sexual experience is one where pleasure and enjoyment
are shared by both husband and wife."

                                                ~And They Were Not Ashamed, p. xix

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