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Straight Talk about Strengthening Marriage!
    December 3, 2004   (#04-4)

1)  Dangers of Sexual Dissatisfaction
2)  It's Not Just for Those Who Struggle!
3)  Second Printing--Thank you!
4)  Words to Ponder—Marriage as "Exultant Ecstasy"



    Sex and its related intimacy issues are among the leading causes of
divorce. Spencer W. Kimball has said that although most people don't
divulge this information in divorce court he believed that sex was one of
the primary causes of divorce (Kimball, Teachings of Spencer W.
, 312). But divorce is not the only danger facing those who lack
a satisfying intimate relationship in their marriage. Intimacy issues put
couples (both husband and wife) at risk for:
    (1) Divorce
    (2) Emotionally-disconnected marriages
    (3) Emotional and physical ailments, and
    (4) Vulnerability to temptation
    While divorce destroys about five in ten marriages, many of those who
stay married settle into the emotional emptiness and marital mediocrity of
a "parallel marriage." This could also be considered an "emotional divorce."
Sexual frustration has also been identified as one of the sources of
depression as well as a factor in other physiological ailments. Sex is a
stress reducer for men, but it can also be a stress reducer for women if
they experience full arousal and fulfillment.
    Vulnerability to temptation is not just a concern for men. While men may
be more vulnerable to physical affairs, women are vulnerable to emotional
affairs that can lead to physical affairs. And They Were Not Ashamed--
Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment
was written to
reduce the dangers of sexual dissatisfaction by providing effective answers
to help couples find mutual fulfillment in their intimate relationship.

    (Taken from the Introduction of And They Were Not Ashamed.)


    One of the reasons And They Were Not Ashamed was written was to
validate those couples who already have a good marriage, but still feel
something is missing or would just like to make things even better! Those
who may not be enjoying their intimate relationship to the fullest extent are
often led to believe that it is because something is wrong in their marriage.
This is simply not true for many couples.
    A lack of in-depth sexual knowledge regarding the human sexual response
or regarding sex differences between men and women, or inappropriate
inhibitions and negative sexual conditioning can easily cause the intimate
relationship to be less than it should be. Because of the taboo and negativity
associated with sex, strong marriages and weak marriages alike can be
shortchanged in the intimacy department.
    Readers have been reminding me to emphasize the fact that "this book is
not only for couples with sexual ‘problems' in their marriage, but rather for
healthy couples who want to learn from an excellent resource about how to
have a more fulfilling physically intimate relationship."
Every couple can
benefit from this book! Every couple can find greater joy in all dimensions
of intimacy.
    Once we break the taboo associated with sex (even sex within marriage)
it will be easier for everyone to buy, read and apply this book in their lives.
Help break the taboo by reading or listening to this book together with your
spouse and openly discussing how you can make your relationship even better!

(Click here to purchase the new Audio Book on Compact Disc--12 CDs,
14.5 hrs running time)


    Thank you to each of you who have been brave enough to discuss this topic
with others and have helped spread the word about this book. Sex is still a
taboo subject for many people. We need to change that—and we're working
on it!
    We are grateful to you for making it necessary for us to go into our second
printing. Keep sharing the good news about this valuable new resource. Thank
you for stirring up more excitement about this book!

4)  WORDS TO PONDER--Marriage as "Exultant Ecstasy"

"Marriage can be more an exultant ecstasy than the human mind can
conceive. This is within the reach of every couple, every person."

                                                                                       Spencer W. Kimball            

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