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November 13, 2004   (#04-3)
1)  Learning to Love More Effectively
2)  CD Audio Book—Now Available!
3)  Strengthening Marriages...from Here to Iraq!
4)  Online at
5)  BYU Magazine highlights "And They Were Not Ashamed"
6)  Books & Things Catalog
    Often others are unsuccessful at loving us or meeting our needs because
they don’t know what makes us feel loved. Sometimes we don’t even really
know! The key to meaningful loving in marriage (or any relationship) is to:
    (1) Identify specifically what makes you feel loved and to gently share
that information with your spouse (or others). Help your spouse be successful
at loving you by teaching them how to love you. Make it easy for them to
understand what you want and need by providing a written list; and
    (2) Find out specifically what makes your spouse feel loved, and love them
that way every day! The more you fill your spouse’s love bucket the more
likely they will want to fill yours.
For more information see Chapter 10 "Becoming One—Emotional Intimacy" in
the book And They Were Not Ashamed—Strengthening Marriage through
Sexual Fulfillment.
    You’ve bought the book and loved it! ...or haven’t yet had time to read
it. Now you can enjoy the convenience of our new CD Audio Book, which was
released November 8th. Whether you are running errands or driving to work
or at home doing the dishes the Audio Book makes it even easier to learn
valuable insights regarding the intricacies of intimacy in marriage. This
unabridged Audio Book is a real bang for the buck with 12 CDs at only
$39.95 retail (ISBN: 1-58783-038-8). Buy it now online and you’ll save
money and time without having to wait for the bookstores to get their
copies in stock:

    A good friend shared the following story...
    I just had to tell you this interesting story about your book. I was
visiting with my brother-in-law while on a family vacation. He was home
on leave from Iraq where he serves in the military. We got talking about
books and he was telling me about this one book he’s read while in Iraq.
He couldn’t quite remember the title, but after describing it to me I couldn’t be...then I said, "That book doesn’t happen to be
called 'And They Were Not Ashamed' by Laura Brotherson does it?" He
incredibly said yes! He was stunned to learn that you were a good friend
of mine and that you just live down the street from me. What a small
    He then relayed the following: He had come across the book somehow and
felt impressed to get it. Wherever he had tried to order it they wouldn’t
send it to Iraq (I don’t think he got it from your website), so he had it
sent to his home, and gave his wife instructions to simply send the
package on to him in Iraq. But his wife opened it and was a bit surprised
at first, then began reading it. She couldn’t put it down! She went out
and bought three more copies for each of their young children to give to
them when they are older. Then she sent the book to her husband in Iraq.
    My brother-in-law would read it during work sometimes, and a bunch of his
co-workers would often gather. They had quite the discussions! A bunch of
his co-workers want to get the book as well. My brother-in-law would
crack up when telling me about these rough and tough guys who were
talking trash one minute then talking about emotional intimacy and love
languages in the next breath. Just thought you’d appreciate knowing how
your book is blessing lives all across the world.


    You can now find And They Were Not Ashamed in the online bookstore at
They even show an inventory list of our book if you are looking to get a
copy in your local Deseret Book store. You may want to double check
with the store beforehand to be sure they have what it says they have online.
We’re thrilled for just one more way that people can learn about this valuable
new marriage resource! If you’d like to leave a short review of our book
for other readers on the following link, we encourage you to do so:
5) BYU MAGAZINE HIGHLIGHTS "And They Were Not Ashamed"
    If you receive the BYU alumni magazine you might want to check out page
74 in the Fall 2004 issue. They included a nice little blurb about our book and
also an author photo.
    Have you recently received the Books & Things catalog from your
independent LDS bookstore? If you missed our ad in that catalog you can
see it here on page 11 of the following link:
As you prepare for Christmas giving remember that And They Were Not
Ashamed—Strengthening Marriage through Sexual Fulfillment
a great Christmas gift for couples of all ages and for parents who want to better
prepare their children for intimacy in marriage. And, of course, And They
Were Not Ashamed
makes the perfect wedding gift!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in upcoming Strengthening Marriage
Visit for excerpts and reviews, or to place
an order or post a comment.
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