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“Common Concepts in Counseling with Couples”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, April 16, 2014

Couples struggle with some common concepts when they come to me for counseling. I thought it might be helpful if I were to provide a bit of a free counseling session by sharing those concepts to help couples begin to shift their thinking in the following ways…

“Letting Go of Resentment in Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, January 22, 2014

Marci was reticent to come to counseling and struggled to even want to try to save her marriage. Her husband justified his behavior with other women by insisting that he was just being friendly and trying to be helpful to people, and that she was overreacting. The pain, hurt and betrayal she had been feeling throughout their marriage had grown so deep that the anger and resentment seemed too much to overcome.

“The Infidelity Formula”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, October 14, 2013

Contrary to popular wisdom infidelity is a potential danger for most all couples. What concerns me is the lack of awareness regarding how easily a “good person” gets from “That could never happen to me” to “I can’t believe this has happened to me!”

“Adventures of Flat Spouse”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, September 16, 2013

When my wife and I travel out of town, we take a travel-sized version of each other along.”

“When Husbands Aren’t Interested”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, July 26, 2013

You might think that it’s always the wife that isn’t really interested in sex. But the reality is that men too have concerns and issues that get in the way of their natural desire to connect sexually.

“Marriage is a Gift from God”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, May 9, 2013

How is marriage such a gift? I realize there are some that may question that notion! Marriage is God’s way of creating the ultimate opportunity for fulfillment of the deepest longings of the human soul.

“The Bait and Switch in Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Mar 27, 2012

“What happened to my wife? She used to be so affectionate before marriage!” This expression is often heard from husbands who wonder how their marital relationship could turn out so differently than they expected.

“5 Marriage Tips from a Couple Celebrating Their 50th Anniversary”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Deseret News, Apr 23, 2011

It isn’t everyday that a couple reaches that fabulous milestone of 50 years of marriage.  My good friends, Morris and Elaine Bastian, have successfully done just that!

“The Good Girl Syndrome”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Oct 29, 2010

The Good Girl Syndrome encompasses the negative or unproductive thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, feelings and behaviors that inhibit one’s responsiveness and enjoyment of the sexual relationship in marriage.

“Being Positive about Sex”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Oct 24, 2010

I applaud anyone who is willing to publicly promote a positive message about God’s gift of sexual intimacy in marriage. His designs for the sexual relationship can always use a few more good promoters in order to counteract the constant barrage of negative messages.

“Raising the Bar on Date Night”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Sep 6, 2010

Couples generally do the best they can when it comes to having a date night, so I really hate to be too hard on them about it. But it may be time to step it up a notch. Consider these four rules for raising the bar on date night.

“Understanding Sexual Compatibility In Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Hitched Magazine, Aug 2010

Although sexual incompatibility may be inherent in marriage, taking these steps will increase sexual connection and enjoyment.

“The Twilight Obsession and Its Effect on Marriages”
By Laura M. Brotherson,, Meridian Magazine, Jul 2, 2010

If Twilight-obsessed women would direct even half of their intimate and erotic energies towards their husbands and the real-life fantasy available to them, their marriage relationship would be greatly strengthened and become infinitely more satisfying.

“Making Passion a Priority”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Apr 28, 2010

Women have an untapped power that can be awakened when they embrace and cultivate their sexuality for it’s full expression within marriage. Men regularly rate sex as a high priority in their marriage, but often feel that it is much less important to their wives.

“Finding Couple Time — Q&A”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Mormon Times, Oct 10, 2009

Even though our lives are all so busy, we tend to find time for the things that are important to us. The key is to set your priorities and schedule your time and energy accordingly.

Characteristics of a Healthy Sexual Relationship in Marriage
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Aug 12, 2009

Characteristics of a healthy sexual relationship in marriage include mutual fulfillment, open communication, a satisfactory frequency of intimate relations, and emotional connection beyond the bedroom.

“Affair Proofing Your Marriage, Part 2″
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Jul 30, 2009

Marriage is worth our best efforts. God bless us all to safeguard our marriages from sin, and create the joy and fulfillment that this sacred relationship affords. You CAN avoid being the next casualty in Satan’s snare of infidelity.

“Affair Proofing Your Marriage, Part I”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Jul 14, 2009

Extramarital relationships may be enticing, but they are nothing more than Satan’s great counterfeit of the real thing in marriage. Do what you must to strengthen and protect your marriage, and keep it alive and thriving.

Love Letters”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Jul 15, 2009

How long has it been since you wrote your sweetheart a love letter? My challenge to you is to write some loving thoughts about your spouse, to your spouse—this week.

“Take The Marriage Myths Quiz”
By Laura M. Brotherson,, Jun 20, 2009

Myths about marriage often lead people to make unwise decisions. See for yourself how “with it” you are in knowing the truth about marriage by taking this marriage myths quiz.

“Standing Strong for Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, May 15, 2009

It warms my heart to see such courage and conviction in the face of such an overwhelming onslaught of contempt. I join Miss California, Carrie Prejean, in her call to stand for marriage, and never back down. We must not ever allow ourselves to be silenced. What’s at stake is simply too great.

“American Idol’s Jordin Sparks Has it Right”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Apr 27, 2009

I am infinitely impressed with Jordin Sparks. Her courage and her conviction have me cheering. I’m weary of people thinking there’s no one left in the world who actually thinks it’s a smart idea to save sex for marriage.

Taking the Heat for Marriage—Miss California and the Rest of Us
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Apr 24, 2009

As a marriage strengthening advocate, I’m all for supporting those who are willing to take the heat for the divine institution of marriage. Marriage was defined and created by God. It’s not up for human redefinition.

“Embracing Sexuality for Marriage’s Sake”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Apr 14, 2009

God designed each of us as sexual beings. We must embrace that fact. It’s not only our marital relationship, but also our personal wholeness that is at stake.

“Happily Married Couples Needed”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Mar 18, 2009

Thriving in marriage is a worthy goal, but it’s more than just for the benefit of the couple. There are too few examples of happily married couples to show young people that long-term happiness in marriage IS possible. Happily married couples are needed now more than ever to shine a light on the joys and possibilities in marriage.

“Be Your Spouse’s Chocolate Substitute”
By Laura M. Brotherson,, Jan 31, 2009

This Valentine’s Day commit to becoming an expert at loving your spouse in the way they need to be loved. These gifts from the heart can help you become the “chocolate” substitute in your loved-one’s life.

“Edward, Self-Mastery and the Marital Fire”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Jan 14, 2009

Exquisite efforts at self-mastery coupled with a willingness to protect rather than destroy make Edward Cullen of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series an easy object of admiration. I’m inspired by what his character traits could add to our lives, and how it could strengthen our marriages.

“Happy Holidays for Your Honey”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Dec 24, 2008

Don’t make your husband last on your list this Christmas. Make the holidays a little happier for your honey by paying attention to the Four A’s: Appreciation, Admiration, Attention and Affection.

“Your Relationship Wish List”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Latter-day Woman Magazine, Dec 1, 2008 (go to pages 39 – 41)

This Christmas make a list of everything you want your marriage to be—as if you could have it all! What you focus on you get more of, so be more conscious of your thoughts and focus on what you want rather than on what you don’t want.

“Reflections on the Protection of Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson,, Nov 8, 2008

Through multiple state initiatives, traditional marriage has been preserved yet again by no small miracle. As faithful and committed followers of Christ, how do we stand strong for the divine order of marriage, while also conveying God’s love and concern for all His children? What will be our role in promoting marriage and morality, as society strays further and further from the things of God?

“Fireproof Your Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Oct 9, 2008

It’s not everyday that you find a movie that is dedicated to strengthening marriages. Fireproof is just that. It’s got action and drama, love and humor, and intense emotion. Yet it sends a message that is rarely seen on the big screen that your marriage is worth fighting for by including God in the process.

“Thriving in Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Latter-day Woman Magazine, Oct 1, 2008 (go to pages 67 – 71)

How many truly happy, long-term married couples do you know that you could accurately describe as having a thriving marriage relationship? What does it take to not just get by in marriage…but to really thrive!?

“Palin, Politics and Premarital Sex — Counteracting the ‘Juno’ Effect”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Sept 5, 2008
By Laura M. Brotherson,, Sept 13, 2008

One of the things that I think bothers me the most is that while the Palins are trying to be loving and supportive, no message is being sent about the poor choices that were obviously made, or that sex outside of marriage is not a good idea. Such a message may have been conveyed privately, but it’s the public message I am most concerned about when you know impressionable ears are listening.

“Good Girls Do!”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Latter-day Woman Magazine, Aug 1, 2008 (go to pages 37 – 39)

In our efforts to teach youth that sexual activity is reserved for marriage–that good girls don’t…before marriage–we forget to mention that after marriage good girls do! That mental transition never fully occurs with many couples.

“Parents are Chicken! — Finding the Courage to Talk to Your Kids about Sex”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, June 3, 2008

Most parents know they should talk to their children about sex, but don’t know what to say, or where to begin. How do we find the courage to take on this parental responsibility that is otherwise quite terrifying for many of us?

“Finding Self-Confidence in the Bedroom”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, May 7, 2008

Sexual self-confidence is the self-assurance — and God-assurance, even — that one is loved and acceptable to one’s self and to God. This is coupled with sexual knowledge and application within marriage.

“Don’t Kid Yourself: Lovemaking Takes Effort”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, January 18, 2008
By Laura M. Brotherson,

The mechanics of “having sex” are fairly simple, but really “making love” and developing a good intimate relationship take some time and effort. Movies, pornography and other media tell us that sex is — or should be — easy, which is a set-up for problems in a real relationship. For those who have ingested pornography, it’s difficult to have a healthy and accurate perspective of sexuality, and to separate fantasy from reality.

“Date Night is NOT Optional”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, October 19, 2007
By Laura M. Brotherson,

A babysitter costs a lot less than a marriage counselor, or a divorce, for that matter. Date night is not optional for those couples who want to stay close and connected.

“Six Tips to Strengthen Your Marriage Sexually”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, April 30, 2007
By Laura M. Brotherson,

Sexual intimacy is as important for the health and vitality of the marriage relationship as are emotional closeness and spiritual connection. Sexual nourishment that feeds both husband and wife is the dessert of married life. Cultivating your sexual potential in marriage leads to greater mental, emotional, and physical health, happiness and wholeness.

“The Spirituality of Sex”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, March 27, 2006

Sexuality is a sacred and innate part of our being, designed by God not only for procreation, but also for expressions of love in marriage. There are few things that can bring greater joy and richness to a husband/wife relationship than spiritually connected sex.

“The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, December 28, 2005

One of the best gifts we can give our children is a mother and father that love each other. Parents who maintain a strong and vibrant marriage set a positive example of the inevitable ups and downs of marriage, while also showing that problems can be worked through. This creates a haven of security and well-being from which children can flourish.

“How Do I Get My Spouse to Change?!”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, November 28, 2005

Many of us focus on the imperfections of our spouse, thinking rarely of our own weaknesses and the role we play in creating the dynamics of our marriage. It’s the “how-do-I-get-my-spouse-to-change” syndrome. We think if only our spouse would change this or that, then we’d be happy.

“A Light in the Darkness—Finding Healing and Wholeness from Depression”
By Laura M. Brotherson,, November 14, 2005

Laura Brotherson is a Latter-day Saint who learned first-hand how devastating depression can be–and how you can heal from its ravages.

“What’s Okay and What Isn’t, Part II

Dealing with Sexual Differences in Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, October 24, 2005

Determining what’s okay and what isn’t within the intimate marital relationship is no easy task. But if we will take the opportunity to seek God’s perspective on these delicate matters, we can develop greater spiritual self-reliance, and be blessed with greater spiritual insight.

“What’s Okay and What Isn’t, Part I

Determining What’s Okay within the Intimate Marital Relationship”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, September 22, 2005

What’s okay and what isn’t? It’s the million-dollar question about sex, and the most requested line of questioning I get. Yet it is also the single most complex, delicate, and potentially dangerous topic of discussion there is. 

“Cultivating Intimate Desire for Your Spouse”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, August 17, 2005

“I’m just not a sexual person. I don’t ever feel sexy.” Feeling amorous and sexy is a state of mind that many women must learn to nurture.

“God’s Wedding Gift — Why Save Sex for Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, August 2, 2005

God has designated sexual intimacy as a “wedding gift” given only to those who are legally and lawfully married. But, are there additional benefits in saving sex for marriage — beyond obeying God’s command? Yes! There are many.

“Divine Designs of Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, July 7, 2005

Marriage is divinely designed as a personal crucible—a refiner’s fire—to smooth off our rough edges, and shape us into our divine authentic self.

“The Adventure of Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, June 8, 2005

God has provided an opportunity and commandment for personal refinement within the adventure of marriage. It is as if marriage itself is an enrollment in an excavation of the heart, mind and soul with the intent to graduate each of us into something more.

“Why Do I Keep Doing That?–Understanding Why We Sin”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, May 10, 2005

“Why do I keep doing that?” It’s a common question we ask ourselves regarding our personal sins and less-than-ideal behaviors. Most people want to change, want to be better, but just can’t seem to do so in the way they desire. Understanding some of the causes of sin, and developing greater compassion for ourselves, and others, can help us be more effective in coming unto Christ and healing our hearts of our sins and weaknesses.

“Marriage Traditions — Cultivating Couple Connections”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Mar. 17, 2005

Many families have “family traditions” to strengthen their family relationships. Couples too can cultivate a sweeter and stronger emotional, spiritual and physical connection by creating “marriage traditions” that will draw husband and wife together.

“Don’t Forget the Honeymoon!”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Feb. 17, 2005

With intimacy issues as one of the primary causes of divorce and dissatisfaction in marriage, couples must prepare for the honeymoon and the intimate aspects of marriage, just as they prepare for the wedding day.

“Why Is Sex Such A Taboo Subject in Families?”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Feb. 2, 2005

Why do so few parents correctly and adequately teach their children about sexuality to sufficiently prepare them for safe passage through the teen years, and for a fulfilling intimate experience within marriage?

“Why Is Sex Such A Taboo Subject in Marriage?”
By Laura M. Brotherson, Meridian Magazine, Jan. 6, 2005

Why is it so difficult for couples to openly and honestly address sexual issues with each other? Incredibly, many couples have never had a serious conversation on this subject. Even well educated and otherwise mature adults who can discuss religion, finances and even politics find it difficult to openly and frankly discuss their intimate lives.

What the Scriptures Teach about Physical Intimacy in Marriage”
By Laura M. Brotherson

For Latter-day Saints, the most critical sources of insight and understanding for issues of importance are the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of the prophets. When it comes to marriage, one topic in particular requires a healthy understanding of the Lord’s perspective—physical intimacy between husband and wife. Yet too often the world rules the dialogue on this subject, ruining our perspective on sexuality.

(Excerpted from Chapter 2—”The Sanctity of Sexual Relations in Marriage”)

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